MOTCHA Videoproductie

Video production

Are you ready to take your brand to a completely new level? 

You make professional videos to use for corporate branding, webinars and so much more. You use them everywhere. Because a video production involves a lot, it’s important to be able to rely on expertise and to work with qualitative materials. 

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MOTCHA Videoproductie

That means it’s best to work together with a video production company. We really make the difference between a decent video you made yourself for snackable content and a professional video production that you can use for years.

A professional video production allows you to: 

  • seize the attention on every channel
  • convey a lot more information
  • shed a different light on your brand
  • jump above your competition
MOTCHA Videoproductie

What difference does a video production company make? 

A video production is made up of quite a few elements that have to flow into each other for there to be a sense of fluidity to the end-result. Even though you can easily make images yourself, you might not know how to edit them. Or perhaps you’re perfectly able to record another language yourself, but you might not know how to subtitle it.

An experienced video company with the right experience delivers:  

  • professionally edited videos
  • subtitling that perfectly captures the content of your video
  • voice-over by experienced professionals
  • tips about the choice of usable images 
MOTCHA subtitling


Adding subtitles is not just a courtesy. They also vastly improve reader comfort. You’re looking where you want, whenever you want without taking away from anyone else’s experience.

You gain a better understanding of the information, even in busy areas. With the same video, you can appeal to multiple linguistic groups.

MOTCHA Montage

Video editing

A top-notch script. Seamless video recordings. And then we’ll transform your footage into an epic tale. Storytelling, graphics, animations, … We cover it all during the editing process.

The editor takes care of colour corrections and will create a sound bed that resonates with your communication style and format. 

MOTCHA voice over
MOTCHA voice-over


Voice-over adds an extra dimension to your video. A few words of explanation to accompany the images you’re showing your viewers. Let the storyteller tell the tale in the language of your choice. Why not in multiple languages?

Smart editing

Jij filmt! Wij monteren! Da’s smart editing

Ging jij zelf van start met video? Maakte je zelf al beelden maar valt het bij die montage nét een beetje stil![Einde van tekstterugloop]Dan helpen wij je verder. Smart editing is de dienst die jouw zelf opgenomen beelden omzet tot een wervende social media video. 

In jouw huisstijl, naar jouw wensen.