Smart Editing: professional editing for your video. 

You already filmed all the videos you need with your smartphone, but… editing is more difficult that you had bargained for. The right tools are expensive and the affordable tools are a bit disappointing. You might not quite know what you need or how to choose the right formats. Perhaps you just don’t have the time for time-consuming montage. What now?

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Smart Editing gives you affordable professional support for each video. You film, we edit. Always spot on.

What is Smart Editing?

Smart Editing helps you to make professional films from images you filmed yourself with your smartphone, drone or camera. The system is very simple: send us your images and we’ll edit them. The possibilities are endless:

  • Video montage
  • Color grading
  • Audio effects
  • Graphic elements
  • Branding

That way you get the best of both worlds: you give free reign to your creativity as you film and you don’t have to do anything afterwards. We won’t just edit your images, you’ll also be able to count on us for further post-production such as subtitling and voice-over. The result? Whatever you want.

Brady explainer video
MOTCHA smart editing

How does it all work?

Smart Editing always follows the same five steps:

  • We start by showing you all the possibilities for editing video and give you advice on which option is best for you. You’ll receive the final version of your video in precisely the formats you need to reach your goal on the right platforms.
  • You’ll be assigned a project manager who will be responsible for your project from beginning to end. He or she will gather all relevant information for your video, such as script, logo, style, briefing, images you filmed, etc. and will then specify all deadlines with you. This person will also plan the entire process.
  • One of our experienced video-editors applies all this information to putting together your video
  • You’ll get the opportunity to give feedback well in advance during an intermediate evaluation of your video
  • You’ll receive the final version of your video in precisely the formats you need to reach your goal on the right platforms.
MOTCHA smart editing

What about the cost of having a video edited? 

The cost of having a video edited depends on which of these 2 formulas you choose: 

  • Invoicing per project – perfect is you see the project as a ‘one-off’ or as something you want to have done sporadically.
  • Customized prepaid-package – ideal if having videos edited is part of an overall plan

The final cost also depends on the content of your montage. Subtitles, voice-over, graphic elements, audio-post production, etc.: they all contribute to the overall cost. Ready to get started? Can’t wait to see the result? MOTCHA’s video experts are as eager as you are to start sharing their expertise towards editing the perfect video for you!

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