Film techniques 

With all the film techniques that are currently out there, sometimes you can’t see the trees for the forest. That’s why it’s important to rely on experts who don’t just make flashy videos for your brand, but who also stand by you with expertise and advice.

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MOTCHA filmtechnieken

With MOTCHA you get the whole package:

  • every possible film technique
  • a video that combines everything tastefully
  • advice from experts about every technique
  • a result that matches your brand to a tee
MOTCHA - Film en cameratechnieken

Combining film and camera techniques tastefully

Thanks to our ample expertise we stand by you from beginning to end. Let us know what you’re looking for and how you would like to reach your goals. We will pull out all the stops to inform you about the options and to inspire you about the end-result.

Together we will make sure that you:

  • choose filming techniques that reflect your brand
  • choose techniques that fit your budget
  • end up with a tasteful combination of different film and camera techniques
  • get the most out of each film technique we apply


MOTCHA animatievideo
Animation video

Animation video

With a cool animation you immediately catch the attention. You’ll be one of the few brands that uses animation as corporate movie or product video. That is how you will stand out and be approachable at the same time, with an extra dash of humor. Animation is also perfect to make complex subjects more comprehensible and offer clear graphic support.

MOTCHA 360 video


Do you want an immersive experience whereby your viewer has the feeling of actually being there? Then 360° video is the way to go. We record everything simultaneously with a special camera, which allows the viewer to navigate through a dynamic 360° view as (s)he watches the images. This means (s)he doesn’t have to miss out on anything.  

MOTCHA dronevideo

Drone video

A drone video allows you to go big. Wide plains, dynamic camera movements: with a drone video you will show exactly how high you set the ambitions for your brand.  

Motcha high-end video
Motcha high-end video

High-end video

Do you want to reach everyone? Then go for tv. Even though all your videos deserve the highest quality, tv requires something else. High-end video gives you the highest quality in image and audio, so your entrance into living rooms won’t go unnoticed.

MOTCHA logo animatie
logo animation


Is it specifically your logo you want people to notice? Then choose a logo animation that snatches all the attention from the very moment you click on it. That way you can be sure that every visitor not only remembers your brand but will also come back soon. Branded videos become even more eye-catching with an animated logo in the right place.

Motcha multicam video
Motcha multicam video

Multicam video

The name speaks for itself. Multicam incorporates several cameras that record from different vantage points. This results in different perspectives of the same event and opens up a world of possibility when it comes to video editing.

Timelapse video

Timelapse & hyperlapse

While hyperlapse gives you a quick overview in location, timelapse offers a fast transition in time. Do you want to show an entire day at the office in just a few seconds? Or the blossoming of a flower? Then go for timelapse. That way you’ll compress a great amount of information into just a few seconds and treat the viewer to an interesting unfolding of events.