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What is video marketing


What is videomarketing?

In a nutshell, video marketing means that you add video to your marketing to build an outstandingly visual brand and to address your audience directly. Video marketing and consultancy allow you to add tremendous value to your brand and show the world who you really are. There is also the perfect video for every occasion.

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MOTCHA Videomarketing

Why video marketing?

Video marketing doesn’t only make it more likely for you to be found via search engines, the right video just makes you more noticeable all round:

  • online advertisements 
  • mobile, tablet & desktop
  • native social media video
  • video channels such as YouTube & Vimeo 
  • your website
  • television 

Video marketing: consultancy and marketing

You don’t have to build your video marketing by yourself, you can count on MOTCHA’s consultancy and expertise in marketing for help from A to Z, regardless of the type of video you need. On top of that you’ll always get customized  video marketing for your current marketing targets so you’ll always be sure that the trajectory is a perfect fit.

Together we can make sure that you will:

  • get videos within your budget 
  • know exactly what you can do yourself and where our expertise can add value 
  • be able to use your videos for a long time
  • get the most out of every video that you receive 
MOTCHA social media video
MOTCHA - social media video

Social media video


Social media play according to their own rules. To be sure that you are making optimal use of all social media channels, we use a combination of native video and optimized clips for every channel. That way you are sure your audience will take action.

MOTCHA Video advertentie
Video advertisements

Video advertisements


Video advertisements immediately grab people’s attention as they scroll. That is why online advertising can really make a huge difference for your product or service. Contrary to a commercial video that you can use everywhere, video advertisements are very direct and appeal to specific clients. They are ideal for a very targeted approach!

MOTCHA - Videomarketingstrategie
MOTCHA Video marketing strategy

Video marketing strategy


Just like with other forms of marketing, you’re better off integrating video marketing into a well thought out strategy. You can make qualitative films, but they’ll only truly prove their use when they appear in the right setting. That’s something else we can help you out with.