Because….. video works!

At MOTCHA we believe that video works. For every brand, every product and every service. That is why you can be sure that in MOTCHA you have found a partner that goes the extra mile to make the perfect video that reflects your vision. 

What we provided for similar companies


Dorien Ceulemans, ARIADNE At HOME & BROCANTE LIVING at DPG Media

Working together with MOTCHA was a fun experience. Everything was followed up to a tee and they actively listened to our feedback. Together, we achieved results which we’re very happy with.

Motcha - Plantyn

Stef Van Malderen - PLANTYN

Together with MOTCHA, we’ve spent a couple of years building a very successful digital summer school for teachers.

Motcha - Helan

Floriane Coveliers - HELAN

MOTCHA provided me with professional assistance, quickly and efficiently, right from the get go. For me, MOTCHA is the ideal partner for affordable video marketing.

Motcha - BASF

Kristien van Assche - BASF

Thanks to MOTCHA’s professionalism and flexibility, a rather exciting experiment – for us – turned into a success story.

MOTCHA - Moore

Mieke van Aerde - MOORE Belgium

We obtained excellent results thanks to a wonderful and professional collaboration with MOTCHA.

Martine Berden

Martine Berden

It was fun to make and even more fun to work together with Motcha to create a real professional video!


Christel Waerie - Alegria HR Services

Clear explanations, nice presentation. I was very excited to put the theory to the test.


Steven Galle - PIAS

An introduction to the world of #diy video in a relaxed atmosphere. Clear explanations with practical examples, the do’s and don’ts. Now we’re eager to get started ourselves.

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