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Ready to take your brand to the next level? Professional videos open up all sorts of possibilities. You can use them everywhere, so the benefits go beyond enhancing corporate branding.

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Progress of your video production

When making a video you need to do more than just shoot some images, you need to prepare every image first and then edit it afterwards.  You also decide when you bring on professional support, which can be done for the entire production and for a specific part of your project.  

MOTCHA explainer video


While testimonials focus rather on clients’ subjective input, explainers give  an objective explanation. They explain what companies, services or products stand for and what they can mean for you. Explainers allow you to share essential information about who you are professionally in a concise way.

Motcha productfotografie
Product photography

Product photography

It’s not just moving images that appeal to the imagination, product photography can also showcase your products. Inspiring product photography makes the difference between the product you sell and the solution your clients see. That is why you should remain mindful of its impact on your entire marketing. Are you considering a product video? Then why not bring on an extra photographer to make the perfect pictures to compliment your video in our studio?

Voorbeeld vaan een reclamevideo met een Romeinse soldaat in een rode auto
Advertising video

Advertising video

An advertising video allows you to appeal to the emotions and needs of the viewer while putting your brand in the picture. Providing you do it well, that is. You can address your viewers directly and show them the difference you make in their lives – all because of a smart and well-made advertising video that can be broadcast on every channel.

MOTCHA testimonial
Motcha videotestimonial


A testimonial video shows you a client talking about the quality of a product or brand. Customers explain which issues they had to deal with before they got to know your product, service or company and how you fixed that for them. That way you accentuate the experiences of other clients or even employees.

Motcha tutorial


A tutorial doesn’t just allow you to explain what something does, but also how it works. This type of video deals very specifically with your product or service and gives very practical user information about how people navigate your product or service.

MOTCHA productvideo

Because a lot is involved in producing a video, it’s important to be able to rely on expertise and to work with qualitative materials. Teaming up with an established video production company is a smart move. We make the difference between homespun footage with snackable content and a professional video that you can use for years.

With a professional video production:

  • you’ll immediately be noticed on every channel
  • you convey a lot more information
  • you show your brand in a completely different light
  • you rise above your competition
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What difference can a video production company make?

A video production is made up of a lot of different elements that need to flow into each other for a flawless result.

Even though you can film images yourself, you might not be confident about editing them. Or you might be able to do a voice-over in a specific language yourself, but you might not know how to subtitle it. An experienced video company can provide you:

  • professionally edited videos
  • subtitling that perfectly captures the content of your video
  • voice-overs by experts
  • tips about how you can capture usable images