Renting a film studio

Film studios for all your videos

Renting a film studio is the best choice for every professional video. The perfect setting is crucial for every film, regardless of its subject or goal.

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MOTCHA Black box studio

Why a professional studio?

Renting a film studio is the best choice for every professional video. The perfect setting is crucial for every film, regardless of its subject or goal. By renting a professional film studio, you’ll be choosing for all of this: 

  • every furnishing and decoration you can think of
  • innovative effects
  • a specialized setting
  • you’ll be in charge of all that goes on on set  
  • specific equipment 

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Studio LED

Different types of video studios

You’re not just looking for a ‘professional’ studio. Every video offers a unique tone, meets different needs, requires just that little extra. That’s why you should go for the studio or filming location that’s right for your video. Don’t settle!

What does that effectively mean? It means you’ll be filming your webinar at a different studio than your employer branding video or your commercial video. A stylish kitchen, a neutral background, a cosy lounge, … we could even add animations. The possibilities are endless.

MOTCHA Black box studio
MOTCHA Black box studio

Black box studio

In a black box studio you get a black background without features as blank canvas for your video. That is why it is also the perfect livestream studio. You decorate the space entirely to your liking for a video that reflects both you and your brand to a tee. This also offers you a great opportunity to further highlight a product by adding product photography or an explainer video to the black box. Because of the neutral black background all the attention automatically goes to your product.

Studio LED
MOTCHA Green key studio

Green key studio

In a green key studio you are surrounded by green screens upon which you can project digitally generated effects afterwards. That way you have even more options to make your video exactly how you envisioned it. A green key studio allows you to go where reality can’t take you. Also, green key is more versatile than you might think. Booking this studio for a 3D animation seems logical. But have you noticed how many people add animated backgrounds to their vlogs these days? It’s all thanks to the right studio.

MOTCHA Livestream studio
MOTCHA Livestream studio

Live stream studio

Theoretically speaking, every studio (or location) could potentially be a live stream studio. MOTCHA offers you a variety of multifunctional film studios in Aartselaar, Antwerp and Vilvoorde. Can’t meet us there? No worries! We’ll come to you and bring along our portable equipment.

MOTCHA - audiobooth
MOTCHA Audiobooth

Audio booth

Do you only need to record voice or other audio? Then an audio booth is what you need. Ideal for recording podcasts, voice-overs, audio books or even singing. If you can’t come to us, we’re more than happy to take all our professional gear and come to you!

MOTCHA Receptvideo


Some videos require a little extra something. Do you want to help your audience with a recipe video? Do you need a talking head video? For every type of video that calls for a homely setting, the loft is ideal. Our living room for instance, is the perfect studio for leisurely or in-depth conversations (talking heads) and interviews.