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Event services: photography & video

Got an online, offline or hybrid event coming up soon? With videos and photography, you’ll not only successfully reach your target audience in the moment. Long after the event has concluded, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of your efforts.

Additionally, you’ll be warming up those leads for the next edition. Discover all the possibilities available to you for your next event.

MOTCHA Event services

Online, offline and hybrid events

Hybrid events took off in 2020 and are here to stay. A hybrid event blends together elements of an online and offline event. Is your audience physically present or are they watching from home? With a hybrid event, you leave the choice up to them!

Is your organisation determined to launch the hottest hybrid events? Learn more or make an appointment.

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Types of event video

Whichever kind of event video you’re looking for, MOTCHA will find you the best solution. Discover which video is the right fit for you and your organisation.

MOTCHA Aftermovie


The best way to convey the atmosphere of your event is by means of an aftermovie. The purpose of an aftermovie is not to give a factual account of your event, but to remind your audience of what it meant to them and to make sure attendees and interesting leads will want to come back for a next edition. Ambiance, smiling faces, interesting Q&A’s: they’re perfect to tease towards a next event.

Motcha event livestream
Event livestream

Event livestream

Want to reach a wider audience for your event? In need of a spacious venue to match your event bookings? Interested in applying that hybrid event formula that includes both live and virtual elements? Then an event livestream is exactly right for you.

MOTCHA social wall
Social wall

Social wall

A social wall allows you to quickly respond to questions, requests, remarks and other posts from your audience. Direct and dynamic interaction with your audience allows you to remain plugged into the conversation and involve viewers and attendees on a completely different level. 

MOTCHA Event services

Why use an event video?

Video and photography have become an indispensable part of events, both during and after. Every type of video serves a specific goal:

  • Generate visitors
  • Inform visitors
  • Warm up your clients or leads for the next event
  • Schedule talks for a rewatch 
  • Inspire your audience
  • Authentic images of the event and the activities behind-the-scenes

Audiovisual support is a crucial element of any successful event.