Video formats for your brand

Needless to remind you that video marketing can do wonders for your corporate marketing. But which type of video do you lean towards? How do you choose the right option for your brand and goals? MOTCHA helps you to make the right choice. Every kind of video has its own purpose and can be used in a specific way.

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MOTCHA soorten video

The kind of video that you choose makes a difference in many ways

Het is cruciaal dat je het juiste videoformat kiest voor wat je wil bereiken. Het soort video maakt namelijk op veel vlakken verschil: 

  • realistic or glamorous
  • with an employee or a client in the spotlight
  • for your website or social media
  • for your audience or internal use

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The different kinds of video

To choose the right type of video, you need to know what your options are. MOTCHA offers you professional assistance for every type of video. We help you with the right choice, and assist you throughout the entire project and provide you with the perfect video for your brand.

Because together we make the right choices, you can count on:

  • professional videos that give a clear sense of who you are 
  • authentic connection with your audience 
  • the perfect conductor for your message

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MOTCHA documentaire
MOTCHA documentary


A documentary gives you the opportunity to show your world as it is. You make a documentary to allow your viewers to peer into your company, to show them what an average day looks like or how people really are. The authentic and sincere tone of voice of documentaries creates a sense of trust and sheds light on the soul of your company.

MOTCHA Projectvideo Publispot Louise-Marie
Project video

Project video

Professional project video doesn’t just allow you to make your brand more visible, you can show exactly what you can do by showcasing a finished project. It’s the cherry on your cake. That way your audience can familiarize itself with the level of quality and creativity they can expect from you.

Motcha interviewvideo
MOTCHA Interview


An interview allows you to put someone, or even several people, in the spotlight. By  allowing real people to do the talking you show the human side of the company. The interviewer creates an organic environment that allows for meaningful conversation.

MOTCHA Podcast
Motcha podcast


Podcasts continue to gain popularity. They are practical, your audience can listen to them at any moment and they offer valuable knowledge to people who want to learn something new. They also allow you to build a loyal audience with a lot of recurring listeners. Also, transcripts of the podcasts help you to improve your search engine optimization.

MOTCHA Videocast
MOTCHA Videocast


Videocasts are similar to podcasts, but with video support. Audio allows you to share information, whereas video allows you to create an ambiance. That way you don’t only help your audience, you also inspire them and give them a sense of what your brand stands for.

MOTCHA Receptvideo
Recipe video

Recipe video

As the name suggests, a recipe video allows you to share how you prepare a meal. You get to use all the available kitchen facilities to demonstrate your culinary talent and encourage your viewers to give it a try themselves. Recording your instructions also gives people something to look back at afterwards.

Hockey BTS
Sports video

Sports video

Dynamism and excitement are intrinsic to sports videos. To participate in the excitement of what athletes accomplish and to feel the adrenaline (almost) as if you are attending the event, a sports video is the way to go.

MOTCHA Talking head video
MOTCHA - talking head video

Talking head video

With a talking head video you zoom in on whomever is talking to the camera. This way you guarantee all the attention goes to what is being said by the expert who is doing the explaining. You address the viewer directly and involve him/her in a specific subject.



In vlogs, audio and video play the same role: story-telling. Just like in a blog, you give in-depth information and thorough explanations. You will often discuss a specific subject you want to inform your audience about.