5 videos every company needs


You want your company, service or product to stand out. But you’re not alone. Whether you’re selling or promoting your goods or services, the challenge is the same for both. How are you going to get your message across, show who you are and attract and keep the attention of potential clients? The best marketing tool there is today is without a doubt video. Web pages with video content have high conversion rates than those without. 


Let’s find out why 

Google research shows that the attention span of the average visitor is eight seconds. Are you still there? 


An exciting video keeps people’s attention from beginning to end. It also ensures faster conversions by informing leads fast and better as well as convincing them of your knowledge. 

But we don’t need to convince you. 
The data speaks for itself. 

Google en forbes facts

1. Corporate video

A corporate video is the dramatic entrance you’ve always wanted. Your brand, story, personality and philosophy put you in the spotlight. Add testimonials from clients and employees for that personal touch. Make sure to decide how your clients see you: a good corporate video lets you control your image and tell your own story. 

A few tips: 

Be personal! Your brand is your personality and you want direct contact with your audience. Be personal and tell a meaningful story. You can also show your corporate identity and tone of voice in a video. Be clear about what you stand for and how your approach matters. 

Are you the face of the company, or are you an enthusiastic employee who can tell a good story? Get them in front of the camera. If you don’t have them, go for a good speaker with proper intonation, someone who mirrors your ideal client. They need to be able to convince viewers in a snap. 

Play to your strengths! Has your company been around for years? Or are you the new kid on the block we need to watch out for? Decide where your strengths lie and convey that message in the video. Highlight your unique selling point and what makes you stand out from the rest. 

Keep it short! In just three seconds, a visitor will decide if they want to watch your whole video. Get their attention quickly and tell a short yet powerful story. They will read your mission and goal after you’ve lured them onto your site. 

2. Product video 

When a potential buyer is still searching, they have a big appetite for information. At that stage, their attention span is also bigger. They want the big picture before opting for your product or service. That’s why it’s important for your message to have the right tone. Make sure that a product video comes across as a reliable source of information and not just another advert. 

A product video is an excellent tool to convince a potential client. Answer the questions they have. Take away that doubt. Convince that lead of the user-friendliness of your product or service and increase the odds that they will pick you. 

You can give a convincing pitch in a few minutes. Don’t go too much into detail, but highlight ease of use, show how your service or product will help them achieve their goal and what the result is. Using a few strong graphical elements, you can communicate your message in a professional manner. 

3. How-To | Explainer | Tutorial videos

In 2019, one-minute hacks were the most viewed videos on social media. However, you can’t always explain everything in such a short and sweet way. For a more complex item or story, a good explainer video is recommended. It puts your instructions into images and can be an excellent companion to a product video. 

You can even record this video yourself using a smartphone. Add a professional look-and-feel to it in post-production, use the same setting, intro and outro. Go for a voice-over. With a bit of design, your tutorial will stand out from the crowd. Then you can proudly let it drop on YouTube. 

Sometimes, the message is difficult to express visually. You can then opt for an animation video, which MOTCHA can introduce to the general public. 

4. Testimonials

Social media is about social interaction. People want to see people. What about that company? Who works there? Who are the employees? One thing though, testimonials cannot only be collected internally. 

Give your clients a platform. Hearing a satisfied manager’s story is more convincing than seeing a logo at the bottom of a website’s homepage. You can even get your intern in front of a camera. 

A testimonial helps gain sympathy and please stakeholders. You can use testimonials in every department and at every stage of the customer journey, from employer branding to client retention. 

5. Video adverts

Be seen where everyone is looking 

Video is perfect for standing out on social media. Video advertising should definitely be included in your current media strategy and media marketing. Video adverts help you increase brand awareness. Please note that each platform has its own format and form of communication. Clearly outline your plan and make enough adverts and derivatives. Provide clear call-to-actions and a good online follow-up with dedicated landing pages. 

Be sure to reuse content from your product videos and corporate videos. Make sure you have a clear, short and powerful message. You only get one chance to make a first impression! 

Bonus: the pitch 

Since you’re already here, we have a bonus video for you: the pitch. 

The pitch is the attention seeker of the video world. A good pitch can increase your conversion ratio, improve your e-mail marketing results and even be a nice kick-off for your live presentations or webinars. 

In the ‘Mad Men’ era, sales reps did pitches in elevators, getting people interested in their service, product or company in a few seconds. A pitch video is ideally 30-40 seconds long. Keep it short and snappy! With a well-written script and a nice design, you can convey your message before the doors open! 

Elevator pitch videos