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10 reasons why video marketing works


In almost every marketing-related trend report, you read the same things. Artificial intelligence, voice search, podcasts and video marketing. More and more companies are investing in video marketing, with good reason. Because video works. But why do strong videos get more attention? In this blog post, we’ll give you 10 reasons why video marketing is such a strong tool.  

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1. Social media loves video marketing 

Since we have a short attention span, everything needs to be fast these days. That means quickly and clearly communicating to your target audience. Video succeeds much better in conveying a message than text on social media. That’s because people scroll quickly through your feed. And text whizzes by without actually being read. However, people will notice a video appearing. A strong video grabs their attention right away and keeps them watching. In other words, people watch more videos than they read text. As a result, they’re more likely to like, comment and share videos. Hubspot research shows that video gets 48% more views than other content and that video generates up to 65% more interaction on Facebook.


2. A picture is worth a thousand words 

It’s no secret that we react more to images than words. The explanation lies in our brain: it is programmed to be more influenced by video than by text.  


  • Our brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than text 
  • Up to 95% of viewers remember a video. In the case of text, that number drops to 10%. 

If you want your viewers to remember your message, use video for maximum effect. 

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3. Video marketing scores points with Google 

You live in an era where ranking at the top of Google is every manager’s dream. However, it’s easier said than done. Google evaluates your website using more than 200 factors to determine your position in the search results. One of the important factors is the time visitors spend on your website. The more visitors linger on your website, the more trust Google has in its quality. And this time can drastically increase by providing enough good videos. A good video is watched until the end. The more you increase this visit duration with video, the more points your score with Google. 

4. Video simplifies the message

A one-minute video explains what you do instead of saying it with a few thousand words. And that’s handy, since your fans and clients’ time is costly. For example, you can explain a complicated production process quickly and easily with an animation video or a simple video as you might know from the Discovery Channel’s ‘How it’s Made’. It’s also no surprise that How-To videos are the most-watched type of video in the world. 

5. Video stimulates conversion 

By providing video to potential clients, you make it clear more quickly what the benefits are for them. Imagine you’re looking to buy a new blender to make the tastiest smoothies. You have two contenders. 
The first blender gives you a detailed description of everything the blender can do. 
The second blender gives you a less detailed description, but an extensive video showing the product in action. You notice that the blender is easy to use and that you can make smoothies fast with it. 
Thanks to the video, you’ll probably choose the second blender. Explainer videos works! 

6. We crave video

In 2019 the world watched about one billion hours of video a day on YouTube, and the website had 2 billion users. In other words, every user watched an average of 30 minutes of video a day.  
We live in a world dominated by video. And we love every second of it. 

7. Video creates humanity and trust

We make more than 90% of our purchase decisions based on emotions. We don’t like to do business with faceless companies. We like human brands. And that’s what video can do for your company: give it a face. Think of Cora van Mora or Mr. Proper. Combine a face with catchy slogans and your company will stand out from competitors. As a result, your clients will recognise you faster and trust you more. 

8. There’s a video for every message 

Your own imagination is the limit as far as video goes. You can make abstract concepts into an animation video to make them more accessible. However, you could also create a slick advert with tonnes of special effects. Depending on the message you want to convey and the target audience you want to reach, you can easily choose the ideal video format. 

9. You can use video everywhere

The advantage of video is that almost every possible platform supports it. Every social medium, every search engine and every website supports video. And that makes it very easy for you to share your video to all relevant channels. If you want, you can even show an aftermovie at company events. Try doing that with a blog post or an e-mail! 


10. Video can be split up

When you invest in video marketing, you get the most out of it all. And that’s very easy when you use available video wisely. Look at how almost all talk shows do that on YouTube. An entire show of The Late Late Show with James Corden lasts 40 minutes. That’s long! 

They make it snackable by cutting up the most interesting parts of every show from the entire recording. They publish those fragments on their YouTube channel, which has 22 million subscribers. 

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And you can do this as well! How about making a video about 5 benefits of your product? Make sure you also have five bite-size videos of each benefit separately.

When should you start to do video marketing?

Video marketing dominated the marketing landscape in 2020. The faster you hop on the bandwagon, the faster you can reap the rewards. The questions for each company is not if they will start making videos but when. Because video works. 

Not sure about how to get started with video marketing? MOTCHA can join you in the creation process at any time. 

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